About Us

Our story begins in 2016.

Dimes & Co started as a side hustle by two best friends who loved fashion and wanted to offer girls affordable but quality clothing!

In 2017 we were operating from a cramped single self contain room to posting on Instagram three times a week.

In December 2017, we had our first super successful yard sale with a small canopy  and a few items by the roadside in East legon…

In early 2018, we ‘gaduated’ to a little store in a friend’s boy’s quarters and steadily built up our following on Instagram.

In 2019, we finally opened our own store in kanda with a staff of 3 and haven’t looked back since. Yay!

How far we’ve come:

Well this is no longer a side hustle. Ha!

The business was incorporated/ registered in 2019 and our website was launched in 2020 after COVID restrictions were lifted.

We now have a steady following on Instagram and hope to be the largest ecommerce marketplace for women’s clothing   in ghana.


We are all about women empowerment and are excited to see our team grow with some amazing ladies who understand our dream.

We are beyond grateful for all our amazing customers who have helped us come this far.

Check out our Instagram and join our community of fashion lovers #dncgang #dimesncobabe


Thanks for coming to our Tedtalk.

Stay beautiful.


Elorm ;)